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Improve the growth of your business with our personalised consulting service for business leadership. Increase revenues, enhance productivity, satisfy customers, and improve employee engagement and well-being. Our consultants are passionate about empowering businesses to put customer experience and employee wellbeing front and centre, promoting mental resilience and motivation.

Based in Leicestershire, we work with organisations of all sizes and in all industries from Northamptonshire to Nottinghamshire, helping to increase job satisfaction and productivity with innovative solutions and supportive guidance. Get ready to see impactful and lasting change that drives your business growth forward and improves your bottom line.

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The What

Productivity Consultancy that increases revenue

Our business improvement managers specialise in working with you to increase your business’s growth and success. We work alongside managers to help increase revenue. We enhance productivity, getting more work done efficiently, and ensure customer satisfaction, keeping your clients happy and loyal. Additionally, our consultants prioritise employee well-being, leading to happier and more motivated staff. Let us handle the hard work of improving your business while you reap the benefits and achieve your goals.

The Customer Journey


The combined customer journey

The How?

The Discovery Stage

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With intense listening abilities, an empathetic approach, clear and concise communication and expert navigation through Business Change Management, our business growth consultant will guide you through the discovery process. This is to identify where you are, where you want to get to and how to get there.
With regular communication, workshops, surveys, questionnaires and 1-2-1 meetings the discovery stage will highlight what to continue doing, what to stop doing and initiatives to start doing.

Using both qualitative and quantitative data the benchmark will be set and a programme of goals will be produced, with clear owners, deliverables and due dates. Businesses in and around Northamptonshire have seen great results from working with these processes.

There are no surprises to anyone as our communication methods ensure that all your input is taken into consideration and the right messages go to who needs to hear them.

As a Productivity Consultancy H.I.T Leadership works hard with all organisations and businesses to delivery long lasting results through leadership improvement, and better employee engagement.

The Why?

When you know what good looks like it’s hard to keep it to yourself. The passion and enthusiasm H.I.T Leadership brings to the table is driven by a purpose, a purpose to create a business environment where employee engagement and the customer experience levels are smashing industry standards. 

With businesses across Nottinghamshire and the wider regionlosing money on recruitment fees and re-hires, hybrid working changing the way we do things and stress levels increasing then the need to have a rounded view of all areas is paramount to your success.

At H.I.T Leadership, we can see through the trees and into the woods and that’s what we want to share with people.

Our Values

Why have we combined the skillsets of a Customer Engagement Consultancy, Employee Engagement Consultancy and Leadership Enhancement together? It’s because all these areas impact each other and the bottom line.

Our Leicestershire based business consultants abide by a strong set of values. All our business improvement processes are done with integrity, transparency, and care for everyone involved. We take an empathetic approach to business growth, and will listen to your side of the story, as well as providing practical and helpful feedback in an actionable way.


Ready to get started on your business growth journey? Get in touch with our team in Leicestershire by completing the contact form here. We look forward to working with you and your business.

Let us help you create a healthy and safe environment for business leaders, employees and customers to thrive and grow.

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