Values, Vision and Mission

Our Background

Marc Rowley (Founder) – “I have spent the last 30+ years working with customers and leading teams/Departments. I’ve remained customer and employee-focused whilst formulating and implementing significant transformational change, design and delivery of customer support strategies, employee engagement and department conversions through a Programme lifecycle. Always promoting a continual improvement to all business processes and quality gateways I am able to define, develop and deliver a roadmap and customer/employee engagement strategy in line with business goals/vision.

Along with this practical experience, I have a MSc in Leadership and Management and am constantly learning something new on a daily basis. My zest for service excellence compelled me to research the psychology of human interactions, mindfulness, body language and any other material that would enhance my understanding of Employee engagement. My research took me down the road of the link between employee and customer engagement. I’ve been hooked ever since.

With strong morals and ethics, and centred around high empathy, my approach is friendly, honest and simple. I love helping people. It’s my purpose.” Our Mission statement reflects this: 

Mission Statement

To help our customers create a healthy and safe environment for employees and customers to thrive and grow.

We don’t believe in half measures and our Vision statement reflects this

Vision Statement

To be one of the world’s leading consultancies in employee and customer engagement.

Our personal values sit squarely within the business (honesty, integrity, transparency). However, to take it to the next level we’ve included additional values which are fundamental to our success and embody our approach to each interaction.



Remain true to what we believe in, be approachable, and be consistent in all types of environments / circumstances.


Keep firm adherence to a code of moral or artistic values


Leading with openness and righteousness by keeping people in the loop, share information freely, and invite open communication within everyone 


Understanding all points of view from different perspectives 


Working closely with everybody and helping them through the process


Creatively implementing solutions that inspire


Celebrate achievements and recognise great effort being made


Hearing everyone’s view to create a holistic lens to work from


Provide honest feedback to everyone in a respectful and empathic way

Keep it Simple

To remove complexity and keep all things as simple/inclusive as possible.

Our work is very important to us due to the life purposes connection. However, we play hard too. For example, Marc is an Independent Visitor for Leicestershire City Council, on the board of Trustees for The Bridge (East Midlands), on 2 village committees, raise money for Action for Children while getting the village together, weekly Poker player, avid longbow archer, frequent canal kayak paddler, teach private Self Defence lessons and am part of the village Wine Club.

Even in my personal life I like helping people and that is why I have embarked on several counselling and psychology courses. My purpose runs through my work and play. I get to fulfil my purpose all the time – it doesn’t get better than this

Our Approach

What Can We Do for You?

Having spent over 30 years in all sizes of organisations and seen first-hand the effects of:

  • Untrained personnel placed into leadership roles
  • Unfair dismissal claims are being raised due to inadequate employee engagement/leadership and management
  • Inflated egotistical leadership style and the subsequent decrease in morale
  • Lost momentum within a team due to inadequate or unrealistic objectives/goals/targets
  • Lost customers due to employees not being coached, enthused, trained, managed, led and not setting the right level of objectives

We felt there was a need to help businesses be the best version of themselves and put together customer and employee engagement plans that blow the competition out of the water.

What we can do for you, in a fun, passionate and engaging way, is use our 30+ years of real-life and academic experience to build solid foundations, for your business or organisation, on customer and employee engagement. Working closely with your good selves we would ensure everyone is included and no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence.

Need Advice?

Whatever stage you are at, be it just starting up and wanting to set a solid foundation for customer and employee engagement, or having challenges and need to understand the steps available, please contact 0116 319 2029 or

Our Team

Our Experts Are Here For Your Success

Marc Rowley

Founder & Director

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